The Power of Gratitude: How Gratitude Can Help You in Your Job Search

Searching for work can be a stressful process. It involves countless hours of putting yourself out there, getting rejected, and dealing with the uncertainty of when you will be hired.

It’s normal to feel anxious or stressed during the job search process. and It can be difficult to break the cycle of overwhelm. But with any challenge, we have the opportunity to rise up to the opportunity that has been given to us. One way we can rise to the opportunity is through the power of gratitude.

Gratitude has been a bit of a buzz word lately. It has been studied by psychologists and is known to be a key indicator of happiness and good mental health.




Gratitude and the Job Search

Gratitude can be beneficial in the job search process, as it helps counterbalance a negative bias. Searching for work can be stressful. And that stress can lead to a negative mindset and a negative outlook. Having a negative bias can be harmful during the job search process because it can close you off to potential work opportunities.

Choosing to flip the switch, and see things with a positive lense, you are more likely able to recognize the potential to find meaningful work. The power of gratitude can change your outlook, and allow you to see your job search as an opportunity rather than a setback.

If you’re applying for a job, and it doesn’t go as well as planned, use it as an opportunity to learn what you could have done differently. Practice gratitude and be grateful for the opportunity to grow your network, learn more about a type of job, practice your elevator pitch, reflect on your skills, etc. Gratitude can also lead to increased happiness, and make you more employable, as it leads to more openness and willingness to change.

The power of gratitude can also be used to foster stronger self-belief. If you start a gratitude practice where you are grateful for things that haven’t happened yet, it feels like you’ve actually accomplished it. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and make-belief. So if you start a gratitude practice that includes things that haven’t happened yet, you are more likely to believe that they will happen. So the next time an interview comes up, visualize how well you will do – you’ll be more likely to rock it in real life.


How to Practice Gratitude

I’ve partnered with Gratitude Plus to share how you can easily implement gratitude into your life. Gratitude Plus is a gratitude app that helps you build a habit of gratitude. Using smart notifications and social features, the Gratitude Plus app is an easy tool to help you practice gratitude.



The Gratitude Plus app combines 3 main components: gratitude journal, a safe community, and private circles. With the gratitude journal, you can keep track of your daily gratitudes, helping you have more appreciation in your daily life. The Gratitude Plus app will also send you daily reminders to help you build your gratitude habit.


What differentiates the Gratitude Plus app from other gratitude journals, is the element of community. With a community feature, you can anonymously share your gratitude journal entries with other Gratitude Plus members. This helps all Gratitude Plus users stay inspired and continue the gratitude practice. Take the community feature a step further by creating or joining a private circle, and share gratitudes with friends, family, and others.



Interested in the Gratitude Plus app? Check out their website, and download the app here.