What if 20 minutes was all you needed to be more successful in life?


Known as the ’20 minute rule’, this strategy can make habits seem easier to stick to, making success almost a guarantee. The ’20 minute rule’ is the secret sauce for many successful women.


If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you probably have trouble staying motivated to stick to your goals. With everyday distractions like social media, checking emails, and answering text messages, it can be easy to feel like time is flying out the window. Instead of using your time to be productive, you use these distractors to make you seem busy and allow you to procrastinate on getting anything done. Instead of feeling like you are wasting time, an easy trick to motivate you to get more work done is by using the ’20 minute rule’. 


The 20 minute involves dedicating 20 minutes on a goal habit (and repeating this daily).


This goal habit could be:


20 minutes of exercise so that you can establish a fitness routine

20 minutes of searching online job boards, making you closer to your dream job

20 minutes of listening to a podcast related to one or more of your goals so that you have greater insight on the topic

20 minutes of organizing and planning for your upcoming work week so you can tackle it stress-free

20 minutes of reviewing your expenses and budget so that you remain committed to your dream vacation fund


By just devoting 20 minutes to the set task, you are more likely to actually get it done (because 20 minutes is short and sweet), and you are more likely to continue past the 20-minute mark (making you even more productive). And, by implementing this ’20 minute rule’ you will be using a tool that successful women swear by, thereby, increasing the likelihood of success.


To make the most of the ’20 minute rule’, choose a new goal that you want to achieve, devote 20 minutes a day to that new goal, and repeat it daily.