Q: Tell me a bit about yourself and what you do. 

I am a life and confidence coach helping women become stronger than their struggles and see the light at the lowest point of their life. Many of the women I work with are experiencing struggles with body image, self-esteem, self-confidence, limiting beliefs and anxiety or are going through some life-changing events where they need some extra support and guidance. My work is all about empowering women with life-long foundations so that they can develop a powerful relationship from within, and create a life they love. I do this through my 1:1 coaching programs, events and workshops!


Q: You work with women to primarily improve their confidence. Why is this work so important to you? 

Self-esteem and self-confidence is something I struggled with right through my teens and early 20’s. I was a very insecure, shy and anxious person. I didn’t believe I was worthy, capable or deserving, and because of these thoughts, I missed out on a lot of opportunities and made a lot of decisions I probably wouldn’t have made if I hadn’t of felt so worthless. It wasn’t until I went through a series of life-changing events that I started making a real effort to change the way I thought and felt about myself. I did courses, read books, listened to podcasts, attended workshops and immersed myself in anything and everything that I thought would help me overcome my struggles and fears. I implemented a combination of all these wonderful learnings and gradually started noticing big changes not only in myself but also in my relationship, friendships, career and quality of life. This is why confidence work is so incredibly important to me – because I know that a healthy self-esteem and level of self-confidence is what will get you from where you are to exactly where you want to be.


Q: What sort of impact does a lack of confidence have, and what changes have you seen in others when their confidence has improved?

People with low self-confidence generally question their judgment, capabilities, and decisions which in turn impacts their entire quality of life. It impacts the way they think, act and behave. It prevents them from living life to the fullest and succeeding in their goals. Perhaps the biggest change I see when self-confidence is improved is that the person is so much happier. They radiate love and positivity. They no longer hold back from acting on their goals and they experience richer relationships. I believe this is because in improving their confidence, they are also improving their self-esteem. Self-esteem and self-confidence really go hand in hand and are often the cause of many struggles.


Q: What are some confidence-boosting strategies that someone with low confidence levels can easily implement? 

Quite often, it’s the negative thoughts endlessly running through our minds that diminish our self-esteem and self-confidence. A great way to combat this and boost your confidence levels along the way is to create a mantra- a phrase, sentence or statement that inspires and speaks truth. Repeat this mantra daily. Every time you have a negative thought- voice your mantra. This is such a powerful way to train your mind to think differently and create new, positive ways of thinking.



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Q: You believe that lasting change can only occur when someone is fully committed to themselves. What does this commitment look like? 

Commitment is all about doing what it takes to fulfill your hopes, dreams and desires. To me, that level of commitment requires self-love, self-compassion, self-respect, self-trust nurturing and honesty. All of this combined with a strong enough want to change is what I believe will see you succeed.


Q: What do you think the key is to happiness and fulfillment

Without a doubt self-love! Self-love is what will allow your life to flow with ease and grace, put your mind at ease, fill your relationships with richness and open up your world to opportunities.


Q: You support women to manage self-judgment, criticism, overthinking, and not feeling good enough. Why do you think these are such common issues amongst women, and how do you support women on these issues?

I really think it’s a combination of things. It’s the beliefs we may have inherited growing up, it’s the stories we may be telling ourselves and it’s the pressure we might feel from other people or what we see online and in magazines. Overcoming these feelings is definitely possible by working on your mindset and changing what you believe to be true. This is where it all starts. I’ve created a free step by step training on how you can change what you believe to be true in my free video training Strong, Sassy and Secure- 5 days to your most powerful, confident self 


Q: You prefer to view “breakdowns” as “breakthroughs”. However, in the midst of a breakdown, it can be challenging to view it as such. How can someone change their mindset to view their breakdown in a more positive light? 

Practice self-awareness, express gratitude and surround yourself with people and things that uplift and inspire you. Remember that the only thing you truly have control over is yourself. You may not be able to change a situation but you can change the way you think and feel so choose to be positive, choose to see the good and choose to open your mind to new ways of thinking.




Q: What does self-care mean to you, and what are your favorite self-care practices? 

To me, self-care means listening to myself at the highest level possible and then honoring what I hear. It is the practice of taking care of my mind, body, and soul. It is doing more of what I love and what I need. It’s about recognizing that I am worthy of the same love and care that I give to others.

Some of my favorite self-care practices are:
– Drinking plenty of water
– Moving my body daily
– DIY at home facials and hair treatments
– Meeting up with friends
– De-cluttering (my mind and surroundings!)
– Investing in my hobbies


Q: What’s your favorite wellness habit or hack? 

I actually have two! The first tip is if you haven’t already got one, create yourself a morning routine. This is one of the best things you can do to start your day stress-free and grounded. I like to get up at 5 am. I then have a huge glass of lemon water and either go for a walk or to the gym. I then come home have a nourishing breakfast with a cup of tea and set my intentions for the day. My second tip is to not be afraid to ask for support. Reach out to people you trust or find a someone like a coach who can help guide you towards living the life you want to live and being the person you want to be.


Q: What does “Living Well” mean to you? 

To me living well means living life to the fullest. It means putting as much effort into myself as I do into other people. It means happiness, balance, and persevering throughout the ebbs and flows of life. When I am being the best version of me- taking care of myself mentally, emotionally and physically- that’s when I feel like I am living well. That’s when I feel like everything in my life is thriving.



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