HOW TO CREATE GOALS WELL (And why your current goal-setting process may not be working for you)



How do you create goals?

Do you create yearly goals?

Do you create monthly goals?

Do you create daily goals?

Do you set big goals or small goals?

Do you set a goal and achieve it, or do you set a goal and give up a couple of weeks later?


However you create goals, I imagine you had set them with the intention of achieving them. And regardless of if you actually achieved the goal or not, you proceeded with the goal-setting process with hopes of feeling the accomplishment.

You wanted change. You wanted something to be different. You wanted to better yourself. You wanted growth, movement, and progress.

But how do you go about chasing progress without feeling the negative effects that goal-setting can cause? I mean, goal-setting can easily become addicting, and we can exhaust ourselves by continuously ticking off our “to-do-lists”.

And society doesn’t make things any easier.


Our society brainwashes us to believe that chasing shiny pennies will make us happy. We are taught that hard work will lead to success. We must climb the never-ending ladder of milestones, stepping stones, and achievements in order to be viewed as valuable in our culture.


So how do you avoid the negative goal-setting circus, while effectively working towards chasing your dreams (hint: it involves more than setting SMART goals)?



Sometimes it may take some time to get clarity on what you may want in life. Therefore, it may be beneficial to set some time for yourself. Set aside space and time to reflect on your desires. Don’t force the answers. Release the pressure you place on yourself and the answers will eventually come. Some people may only need an hour, while for others this may take a few days (and that’s totally OK!).



Decide what you want your life to look like in a years’ time, 6 months from now, and a month from now and work backward. Once you have an idea of how you want the next couple of months to look like, set some weekly goals, and then work backward again for your daily goals. Remember it’s the things that you do daily that matter the most so take it STEP BY STEP!



A great acronym that Niyc Pidgeon  (a Positive Psychologist and Global Success Coach) recommends is creating EPIC goals.


EPIC goals are:


Having exciting goals is KEY to having successful goals. I mean why would you want to achieve a goal if it isn’t exciting!?

Exciting goals can be powerful in creating results because of their ability to bring about positive emotions. This positive space will uplift you into a higher vibrational place, which in turn will allow you be much more productive.


What’s your purpose for your goal? Why did you create the goal? How will you feel after achieving the goal?

In order to thrive in life, you need to have a sense of purpose and meaning. Having purpose-driven goals will bring you back to your WHY in life, and remind you of what you truly want. This will help propel you forward and bring you closer to your bigger vision.


Just because someone may have a particular goal, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you. You need to be engaged and connected to your goals! Your goals need to have MEANING for you. They also need to feel right for you, and not just be ego-based.

  • (involve) COMMITMENT

In order to achieve your goals, you need to be 100% committed! If you are not committed, you likely won’t take much action towards your goals. You also may likely not achieve the goals at all.




Whenever you hit one of your benchmarks (even the small ones), stop and take a moment to celebrate. In doing so, you will strengthen your success mindset, and have a more positive mentality when working towards goals. This will increasingly build momentum and greatly increase the likelihood of having further successes.



Probably the most important element of making goals well is making sure that you find a system that works for you. It’s so important to create a personalized process that will not only help you to achieve your desires but also reduce stress and overwhelm when working towards them.


So try things out. Experiment. And find a goal-setting process that not only creates results but that also that works for.


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