A 90 Day Program for high achieving WOMEN who are ready to break up with stress and anxiety so they can finally have the vibrancy and joy they desire.

ready to jump in?

imagine this:

•Waking up looking forward to starting your workday.
•Feeling totally at ease with life because you are able to find happiness in your everyday.
•Having the confidence (and clarity) to go after that career upgrade.
•Giving yourself permission to slow down and take care of yourself for once! 

... but instead, you feel:

•Anxious and overwhelmed because you’ve followed all the ‘shoulds’ and still aren’t happy. 
•Frazzled and exhausted because you were up late with your monkey mind the night prior. 
•Fed up with your endless ugly cry sessions. 
•Triggered every time you scroll through Instagram because you know, despite your best efforts, your life doesn’t measure up. 
•Caught up in a hamster wheel of going after what you want, feeling momentary happiness, and moving on to the next best thing. 

Sound Familiar?

I know you’re probably desperate for a life that you enjoy, and where you feel fulfilled from your achievements. You have bought all the books, listened to the podcasts, or scheduled that ‘self care’ day that always seems to be just a short-term fix... 

But consuming more content doesn’t create change, because if it did, your life would be different right now. What you really need is lasting change and action. 

And with the right support, you can makeover your stress, let go of the anxiety, and create a life of joy faster than you might think!

I've been where you are.

Hey, I'm Courtney!

A couple of years ago when I graduated from Nursing school, I had an optimistic outlook for my future. I saw myself finally checking off that box titled “dream job”, and thought I would finally be happy and have the lifestyle I wanted. 

Fast forward a few years later, and life had not turned out like I thought it would have. 

After applying to job after job after job, and hearing about 50 no’s in a row, I really started to doubt myself. I would wake up with anxiety, feeling stuck, confused, and uncertain with how to move forward. I would look on social media and see my peers live out successful lives - getting married, having babies, getting promoted, and going on dream vacays. And then I would look at my own life - single, living at home, working a dead end job, and feeling extremely unfulfilled. But every time I tried to move forward and change my circumstances, I would doubt myself and get too overwhelmed.

It wasn’t until an ugly cry session during my morning breakfast that I realized that I needed a major change. I was SO sick of seeing the potential and the vision of the plan but not actually executing it. I decided to get off the emotional rollercoaster and start taking the actions that would allow me to make my vision a reality! 

Once I figured out WHY I wasn’t moving forward, I started taking the steps that actually led to achieving results. 

I received a raise and got promoted at work. I started to prioritize my mental health, and experimented with ways I could manage my anxiety better. I learned to love my fitness routine, and no longer looked at it as a chore. I started to question the words I told myself, rewiring my beliefs to be empowering instead of limiting. 

I made the necessary changes and decided to help others do the same, so I created this program to do just that! 

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Don't just take my word for it...

I would often lay awake stressing that I wasn't able to get to sleep and thinking of everything that I had to do. To be able to switch off now is amazing. Courtney put me at ease immediately and is so friendly I would certainly recommend her to anyone.


Before my session with Courtney I was feeling like something was holding me back and that I was not capable of achieving my goals. After our session I felt refreshed, lighter and aware of where my feelings may be coming from so I can shut them down. I would recommend Courtney's coaching, it will take a weight off your shoulders!


Courtney helped me unpack different areas of my life that needed some guidance and love. She was extremely thorough in her intake evaluation and during our call. I was extremely impressed with how knowledgeable Courtney is on this topic and recommend her services to anyone looking to work towards a better, happier lifestyle.


- tracey p.

- lace h.

- kellie d.




A 12 Week 1:1 coaching program for anxious, and stressed women ready to gain the clarity, confidence, and calmness needed to create unstoppable success without the overwhelm.


Together we’ll uncover the tools, techniques, and support that allows you to EXCEL AND THRIVE in life. With the support, the habits and strategies of mindset you gain throughout the 90 days, you will come away with the foundation to build on for the rest of their life! 

My program focuses on 3 key pillars: mindset + habits + support. I’ll teach you the same techniques I’ve used to manage my anxiety and gain control over my life.

MINDSET: learn the strategies you need to master your mind. This is important because essentially all of our desires, actions, and results start with the thoughts you tell yourself. Which means if you are not taking care of your thoughts, then you are most likely not getting the results you want. Stop relying on ‘bandaid’ solutions (netflix bingers I’m talking to you!), and instead address the root cause of your problems - your mind!  

HABITS: creating habits is a lifelong practice. I believe that the habit is where the true transformation happens. How many of us know WHAT we're supposed to do, but never do it? I mean, we all know we’re supposed to do daily movement but find ourselves being more interested in keeping up with the Kardashians than keeping up with our strength training. In order to create habits that stick, we need to build the foundation, create the consistency, and then improve upon the habit until it becomes second nature. 

SUPPORT: support is your stamina. Accountability is essential to have long term enhanced results. Support is necessary as it is what keeps you on pace and gives you the guidance and expertise you need to get you the best results possible. 

here's what we'll cover

Learn how to remove emotional & physical clutter, limiting beliefs, and take charge of your monkey brain once and for all!

Create a vision & action plan that allows you to ditch your Sunday night blues. 

Learn how to master your inner mean girl, trading self doubt for self-belief.

How to become the woman who’s able to turn off her anxiety and take control over her emotions. 

Develop a deep understanding of your personal stress cycle, and how to stop the stress loop with your personal self-care and stress management toolkit. 

Implement the hot, healthy habits that are needed to feel more energized, boost your productivity, and create more joy. 

here's what's included

1 x 90 minute intensive to get rid of underlying negative emotions & limiting beliefs

5 x 45min bi-weekly coaching sessions

Personalized recommended resources & readings to help support you along your journey

Accountability and the guidance needed to follow through your plans 


2 x 30min SOS calls

Unlimited email & Voxer support in between session 

Access to 6 audio lessons and accompanying workbook focusing on the topics of goal setting, thought journaling, habit building, mindfulness & meditation, and stress management


$1200 USD


Interested in working together? Book a complimentary discovery call to see if working together is the right fit.


Don't just take my word for it...

Courtney was wonderful to work with. I would often let anger and sadness get in the way of my decision making and I really just wanted to gain awareness of why those emotions were coming up so often. She really helped to get to the root cause of my negative emotions, and helped me release them. 


Before our call, I was feeling a bit scatterbrained. I had so much on my plate it seemed like my insecurities were going to have to take the back burner. 24-hours after our call, I feel like I can tackle my insecurities and allow myself to take steps in the right direction. I tend to be a very thigh-stress and busy person, and this session allowed me to slow down and relax


Courtney is excellent! She knows what she is doing, and she does it with a full heart. She was amazing when I took a session with her. With her, After one session, I realized what was holding me back, and it unknotted the stronghold on me. After our session, I felt so much more relaxed and gave me the aha moment i needed! I recommend working with her!!


- jessica D

- Alison V.

- Talath R.


can you guarantee results?

can you guarantee results?

As with anything, I can't guarantee specific results. Your success comes down to your willingness to show up, do the work, and ask questions.

can i learn this stuff on my own without coaching?

can i learn this stuff on my own without coaching?

The power of working with a coach is that you have someone there to help support you on your journey. Often we sabotage our goals and progress so we need someone to be there to catch us when we fall into this cycle. I can help you reach your goals so much faster than if you were to do it on your own. Even though this program requires an investment, it will save you so much time, energy, money in the long run. But it’s ultimately up to you on whether or not you want to go this journey alone.

why start now?

why start now?

Because waiting is costing you your sanity, peace of mind, and sense of joy! You can keep digging around for the next one-size-fits-all online course or read another self-help book… in reality, you’re getting left behind. By CHOOSING to not move forward and take action, you are CHOOSING to remain the same.

is the program refundable?

is the program refundable?

Sorry, no refunds here. I only work with highly committed, dedicated women who are determined to work on themselves. You’ve got to be all in for this to work, and once you’re all in, you won’t want out!

how do i know if this program is for me?

how do i know if this program is for me?

I get it – it’s an investment and you want to make sure you get you get your money's worth. But you are here for a reason and you’ve read this far. You don’t need anyone to convince you. If you are ready for a ready to up-level your mindset, habits, and life, then this program is right for you! I also require all potential clients to hop on a call with me to be sure the program is most definitely the right fit for you!