So -- what's all the "Buzz" about the Hive?

Founded in 2017, The Wellness Hive is a sanctuary (or hive) for women who seek a life of wellness. It has been designed to inspire you to create a more enriched life and provide you with the tools and resources to help you achieve it. With buzz-worthy WELLTHY tips and tricks, The Wellness Hive will be your favorite go-to for WELLTH-ING up your life!

 WELLTHY living means thinking empowering thoughts that motivate you to go after your desires, taking actions to create a lifestyle that creates happiness and health, and feeling fiercely confident in yourself.

Courtney Hutchinson

I’m Courtney – the Starbucks-addicted Canadian who founded this Hive! In addition to being obsessed with avocados, the beaches of Mexico, and a few TV shows that I can’t help but binge-watch (This Is Us, I’m talking about you!), I’m completely passionate about helping my Hivers create and implement WELLTHY wellness practices that leave them buzzing with joy!

About me

In 2010, I decided to commit to the decision to become a Registered Nurse. Throughout Nursing school, I began to realize the importance of viewing wellness as something that was multi-layered. Wellness isn’t just about physical well-being, but also about the emotional and spiritual elements as well. 

After graduating and becoming a licensed RN, I wanted to learn more about what it means to live well. I wanted to share my view on WELLTHY living, and help women learn how to fall in love with their wellness journey. And, as a result, The Wellness Hive was born!

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this is us


soy chai tea latte w/ shot of espresso

running or fitness class

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the little mermaid

leggings and a comfy top