With Demi Lovato’s recent overdose scare, Demi has once again shone a light on the importance of mental wellness. Although not intentionally, Demi Lovato’s overdose has brought a needed awareness on the difficulties of mental health and addiction. With being so open about her own mental health, Demi brings a new voice to those who live with mental health disorders. As an advocate for change, Demi Lovato is helping reduce the stigma associated with mental health, helping her fans realize the importance of their mental wellbeing.


Whether you are a fan of hers or not, we all can take a lesson or two from Demi Lovato’s philosophy on mental health. With 1 in 5 people experiencing a mental illness in today’s society, we need more people like Demi to come forward to support an issue that is too often ignored.


Although Demi Lovato may currently be in her midst of a relapse, here are 3 things Demi can teach us about mental wellness:




In a world that seems to applaud perfection and flawlessness, Demi Lovato brings a much-needed realness with her openness and vulnerability. Demi has not shied away from any of her diagnoses, publicly sharing that she deals with depression, disordered eating, addiction, anxiety, bipolar, etc. Through her art, and talking about her story, Demi is showing people what living with a mental health disorder looks like. With such a fierce realness and vulnerability, Demi Lovato is breaking down the barriers and stigma surrounding mental wellness, making it more acceptable for people to take care of their mental wellbeing.


It is her choice to shine a light on her mental health, choosing to do so to help others feel less alone. In an online interview, Demi reveals that she wants to share her mental health story because she wants others to know that it’s important to seek help and that she is proof that you can live well even with a mental disorder. She believes that being vulnerable with sharing her story has been key for her treatment, as it allowed her to find a treatment plan that was best for her.


Regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder or not, we can all learn to be more vulnerable. We all have our good days and bad days, and by choosing to share how we are feeling, we are able to expand upon our positive emotions and release pent-up negativity. Being vulnerable helps break down barriers, and allows us to have deeper connections with others. And, like Demi Lovato, you may never know how much an impact your vulnerability may have so it can be a powerful way to help others.





Demi Lovato is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the arena of confidence. Just like most women, Demi has her own body insecurities but chooses to not let them get the best of her. With her anthem song Confident, Demi proves that there is strength in being a confident woman.


Through her social media posts, Lovato showcases her ability to let go of perfectionism and embrace her flaws. Instead of hiding her cellulite and flaunting a “thigh gap”, Demi chooses to make light of her imperfections and loves her body in spite of them. By letting her followers know that she is working towards loving her body (flaws and all), Demi opens the doors for other women to do the same.



[Tweet “By letting her followers know that she is working towards loving her body (flaws and all), Demi opens the doors for other women to do the same.”]



This level of empowerment is quite refreshing in today’s social media-driven age. Demi sets a strong example as to how we all should choose our own definition of beauty and self-worth. I mean, why should we let society’s definition determine our level of self-worth when we are worthy just the way we are? Just like Demi Lovato, we all will have bad days where it may be challenging to love who we see in the mirror, but we can’t let these days become the majority.





With her busy schedule and the pressures involved with being a pop star, Demi Lovato knows first hand the importance of proper self-care. In a past interview with InStyle, Demi says her MO is taking care of herself in all areas of her life (which includes both physical and emotional health)  With a love for fitness (boxing is her jam) and choosing to eat a balanced diet, Demi sees the value of being physically well. And with her collab with Fabletics athleisure. Demi is hoping to inspire women to prioritize fitness (while looking chic at the same time).


As a trailblazer for mental wellness, Demi Lovato is a firm believer in taking care of her emotional wellbeing. Demi sees the power in therapy and tells InStyle that she makes time to see her therapist at least three times a week. Demi knows how important therapy can be for someone and has even made therapy available for free as part of her tours. Demi also prioritizes her self-care by incorporating a daily gratitude practice in which she is able to boost her positivity by listing 5 things she is currently grateful for.